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wavewalk kayak reviews

All of them come with at least a couple of rod holders, and some feature tackle hatches, anchor systems, and even livewells. With all of the options out there, there’s a better chance than ever that you can find a kayak that will fit your needs and work for you. I fish from a Perception Tribe 11.5, have added roldholders and ram mounts, cheap way to go to fish and very stable. Also have a Necky Vector 14, built for touring and not fishing but added what I need and it’s fast and stable for 25″ beam, only problem wet seat. Will be adding a Vibe Skipjack 90, only 9 ft but everything already included, roldholders seat and paddle, two hatches amazing for a small kayak. Would buy a Vibe Sea Ghost 130 to fish and stand from, but it’s overkill with what I have already. Check it out if you like to fish, great price, many features straight from the factory.

The W500 is fairly light and easy to carry or drag around with comfortable handles on each hull tip. Each hull tip also serves as a large, easily reachable storage compartment.

Inflatable rubberized fabric boats were first introduced in Europe and rotomolded plastic kayaks first appeared in 1973. Most kayaks today are made from roto-molded polyethylene resins. The development of plastic and rubberized inflatable kayaks arguably initiated the development of freestyle kayaking as we see it today since these boats could be made smaller, stronger, and more resilient than fiberglass boats. Most of the time I fish from a Malibu Kayak Stealth 14.

If you haven’t tried kayak fishing yet, or are looking to upgrade to a kayak better suited for your fishing needs, what are you waiting for? To say that kayaks are one of the hottest trends in fishing is an understatement. I use an Old Town Pack solo canoe with a double-bladed kayak paddle.

The Wavewalk S4

There is little not to like about the Wavewalk 500 as a fishing kayak. Rain will fall into the large open cockpit and accumulate on the bottom of the hulls, however, a plastic tarp covering can be positioned over the opening to minimize the accumulation. I simply place a couple of large sponges in the hull tips and keep a plastic container on board to bail if need be.

Being excessively big will create more drag, and the kayak will move more slowly and take more effort. On the other hand, a higher deck will keep the paddler drier and make self-rescue and coming through surf easier. Many beginning paddlers who use a sit-in kayak feel more secure in a kayak with a weight capacity substantially more than their own weight. Maximum volume in a sit-in kayak is helped by a wide hull with high sides. But paddling ease is helped by lower sides where the paddler sits and a narrower width.

Navarre Kayak Fishing

Some of the smallest microskiffs are not designed to take a second passenger or angler on board. Such micro skiffs are called solo skiff, namely a one-person skiff. The purpose of this website is to expose new types of kayaks and boats that work particularly well in this context, and deliver the most comprehensive solutions both motorized and human powered, namely paddled. This unique combination of seaworthiness and shallow water capabilities makes extremely well suitable to serve as skiffs for fishing the flats, bays and estuaries along the Texas coast.

  • Sit-on-top kayaks are particularly popular for fishing and SCUBA diving, since participants need to easily enter and exit the water, change seating positions, and access hatches and storage wells.
  • But I suspect that 3.5 hp is a little bit overkill.
  • Note that if you want your S4 to go faster, you’d need to outfit its motor with a high pitch propeller, and you may also want to consider outfitting the motor with a hydrofoil.
  • If I were to have one, it would be specifically to put a motor on it.
  • Manufactures a variety of boats, including sit-on-tops, fishing and recreational kayaks.
  • Quite frankly I am really surprised that Wave Walker guy is still around.

Yes but very limited in internal hatch/storage space. Yes due to its width but its width detracts from its “paddle-ability” and tracking across or against currents/flowing water and in wind conditions anything above a mild breeze. “not too heavy” but heavier than some other brands/models of fishing kayaks of comparable length. A fully decked-out fishing kayak designed for anglers who prefer the dry ride of a sit-inside kayak. Includes the gear mounts, staging systems and seating you’d expect in a Jackson Kayak. Before you can evaluate the fishing kayaks at your local paddlesport shop or marina, you’ll need to understand some of the important characteristics of kayaks.

Hobie Kayaks Mirage Pro Angler 12 & 14

There are storms that I won’t go out in (or at least hunt the little lake vs. the big water). But 20 miles per hour and big waves is pretty common in the winter here. If these were standard kayaks where tipping over was somewhat to be expected, they would stay home too. Right tool for the job and right boat for your particular spot. Wide line of sea and whitewater kayaks, including sit-on-tops and folding models. High quality inflatable sport boats, fishing boats, canoes and kayaks.

  • You wouldn’t catch me out at my spot on a 15-20N wind which produces 2-3+ foot waves in a 12 or 13 foot jon boat.
  • The little sibling to the Cuda 14, the Cuda 12 is an all-around fishing kayak designed to handle lakes, rivers and oceans.
  • A kayak fishing blog for beginners to experts, sharing how to videos and writing about rigging and adventures.
  • The pedal-powered MirageDrive keeps hands free for fishing while maneuvering between hotspots.
  • Old Town started from scratch with the new Saranac series of canoes.
  • And most importantly, no more back pain, since you sit in this boat in the comfortable riding position, or side-saddle, and not in the non-ergonomic kayaking L posture.
  • Pale orange areas are the places against which the paddler braces their feet and thighs (contact with hips, and with the kayak’s seat, not shown).

It is obvious, that the W700 is a great addition to the Wavewalk series but the W500 will travel with me up and down the East Coast from the Chesapeake to the Keys by truck bed or car top. Thus, it still has an important place in the product line. Though a double wavewalk kayak reviews paddle works fine to propel the W700, I prefer to use a canoe paddle. The W700 and W500 Wavewalks actually solo paddle easier than a canoe but you should know the J-stroke, sweep stroke, and other canoe paddling techniques to use a canoe paddle effectively.

Stealthy Kayak Fishing

There is no doubt in my mind that if you have the loot to drop,worried about weight capcity, stability and comfort, then the ultimate is the best purchase on the market. Typically, kayak and boat reviews are written by clients who mean what they say, but aren’t necessarily professional, or by people that the manufacturer paid to review their product. The latter reviews are not objective to begin with, and in many cases they are not even professional. Designers seldom publish reviews of the kayak or boat that they designed.

wavewalk kayak reviews

If you would like to schedule a demo sometime to put some of the claims to the test I am sure I could accommodate you. We also wanted to keep the S4 work as a paddle craft, which we achieved by making the sides of the cockpit slant, thus allowing the paddlers to move their paddles more closely, easily, and effectively alongside the kayak. Being boats and not paddle craft, they aren’t well fit for human propulsion, and paddling them across long distances is impossible. You wouldn’t catch me out at my spot on a 15-20N wind which produces 2-3+ foot waves in a 12 or 13 foot jon boat.

These kayaks are top of the line and sail smoothly through the waters allowing for ease of paddling. They are roomy enough for any kayaking enthusiast and allow for basking in the sun. Kayaks may be sold separately, if interested please inquire for individual prices.

Cameras, and other gear stored under cover in the four spacious hull tip compartments will stay dry. While it’s possible to tip the Wavewalk on its side if you try to by leaning over far enough, foam noodles attached to the sides or around the cockpit rim keep it from tipping upside down and filling with water. Re-entering from the water is easy, even for an old guy like me; you simply swim between the hull tips, raise one foot onto each, and then use your arms and legs to lift and push yourself up and into the cockpit.

Pelican Premium Intrepid 100x Angler

At a rep for Gatortrax and a former dealer for Mud Buddy, I will tell you this that is not the motor for that boat…. It is under powered, further more that is not a mud boat designed for a mud motor. What it is, is flat out dangerous, have you ever heard the term “death spiral” well mud motors can do just that. I like the idea of your boat for sure just not with a mud motor.

wavewalk kayak reviews

I’ve canoed three times in the past year, but with my center of gravity, I rock the boat WAY too much. You’d probably have a harder time getting in and out of that WaveWalker than a sit on top. WW seems to be pretty heavily ridiculed in the kayak fishing world as well. Wavewalk does not pay people to review its products, and it does not post anonymous reviews on websites that offer to do so to anyone who can come up with an alias and a few sentences.

Our tournament is a great family event and has already brought people from all over. The Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament started in 2011, and this one wants nothing to do with skinny water that’s too tame. I think you should have included the Cobra brand, Fish+Dive and the Marauder. I have both,and I’ve fished Chatham,and Westport when small boats couldn’t. Three-layer construction makes the Discovery a tough and rugged ride, designed to take a beating. It is also designed to be agile, stable and easy to handle. The 2014 Outback I won from the MN Kayak Association Club, that my son is the VP of.

Patented twin-hull fishing kayaks, portable boats and skiffs. Most stable and comfortable small watercraft for fishing.

Before you make a decision on purchasing a kayak for fishing, the most important thing you can do is to take stock of where and how you plan to do most of your paddling and fishing. Identify your needs – will you be fishing in freshwater ponds, saltwater harbors, or do you plan to venture out into the open ocean? Will this kayak be strictly a fishing vessel, or do you plan to share with your family? Then, select a handful of kayaks that appear to match your desired criteria, and at that point, try them all! A beast of a hull designed for the offshore and big lake kayak angler, the Kraken marks the first collaborative design between legendary kayak angler, Jim Sammons, and Jackson Kayak’s design team. Punch through surf and handle big waves and large fish with ease. However, the W300’s main application was kayaking, namely paddling with a dual-blade paddle, so we gradually started calling it W-kayak, and as anglers discovered it shortly after, it became known as a Wavewalk fishing kayak.

There seem to be no anthropometry stats of kayakers, who may not be representative of the general population. In the American civilian population of the early 1960s, about 0.7% of men and 9% of women weighed under 50 kg ; 20% of men and 7% of women weighed over 190 lb . In the same population in the late sixties, the average weight of both male and female children crossed 50 kg at age thirteen.


Jon boats – These popular small motorboats feature a generally flat bottom hull and a spacious open cockpit, and they usually offer sufficient stability for a crew of one person, on flat water. Since Jon boats are typically made from aluminum, they are not lightweight enough to be car topped, at least not by one person.