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Detoxing from alcohol and the process of becoming sober is a necessary part of recovering, but this phase of the healing journey can be physically difficult on the body. As the human body becomes reliant on alcohol to function, reversing this dependency requires persistent care and attention. Recovering from alcoholism is process that involves healing on multiple levels. One of the highest and immediate priorities of healing from alcoholism involves dealing with the medical complications and physical side effects that may be present. is a referral service that provides information about addiction treatment practitioners and facilities. is not a medical provider or treatment facility and does not provide medical advice.

Conventionally, it’s done in a controlled setting for a period of four to seven days. Medications are used to treat the symptoms of withdrawal, which can be severe.Detox vitamins may be used alongside medications, or on their own. Vitamin D – Chronic vitamin D deficiency is common in drug users and can be helpful in recovering methamphetamine addicts, opiate addicts, and alcoholics. Alcoholism is also responsible for the poor absorption of a multitude of essential vitamins such as vitamin A, D, and E. A lack of vitamin A can lead to liver damage, while a vitamin D deficiency disturbs the body’s absorption of calcium, leading to a loss of bone mass and density.

Even if you are not suffering from these conditions, taking glycine may help protect your liver if you have a history of heavy drinking. ProbioticsDrug and alcohol abuse can wreak havoc on a substance abuser’s digestive system. Common complaints among addicts include diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and abdominal pain. Probiotics are naturally occurring bacteria that form in the intestines, vitamins for recovering alcoholics and these healthy bacteria are quite beneficial. By repairing the dysfunction suffered by the digestive system, recovering addicts can spare themselves of the nausea, bloating, and discomfort that often come along with detox. Traditional prescription medications such as benzodiazepines, antidepressants, and pain relievers aren’t the only protocol for treating the symptoms of withdrawal.

This includes neurotransmitter and hormonal activity, both of which can have a huge effect on your mood and brain function. NAC also shows promise for the treatment of gambling addiction. A randomized control trial with 27 pathological gamblers showed that gamblers who supplemented with NAC scored 60% lower on the “Obsessive Compulsive Scale for Pathological Gambling.” . Other studies have shown that omega-3 supplements reduce cravings for nicotine and reduce the number of cigarettes people smoke daily . Considering all of this, it’s not too surprising that it has anti-addictive properties and can help reduce withdrawal symptoms.

  • The depression so commonly seen in alcohol withdrawal may be caused by an imbalance of these brain chemicals.
  • Traditional treatment methods have only a 15 to 25 percent recovery rate.
  • Reduced gut microbiome protects from alcohol-induced neuroinflammation and alters intestinal and brain inflammasome expression.
  • Track positive changes in your health habits as you move through your journey with biohacking your alcohol consumption.

Many of these problems can be reversed through proper nutrition, though some of them will cause lifelong issues. Some conditions that may result from malnutrition include heart disease, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even death. There is no better time than now to start your recovery plan and get on the road to better health and a longer, happier life. Vitamin C helps to keep the skin healthy, and plays an equally important role in the health of bones, teeth and blood vessels.

Supplements For Alcohol Detox

An IV super dose is required under the supervision of a doctor. Of all the vitamins for alcoholics, this mineral plays the most important function in sustaining and encouraging effective muscle mass functionality and nerve transmission. This is why dietary supplementation of L-Glutamine might be advantageous in assisting problem drinkers to quit drinking and stay quit. Glutamine helps us keep a stable state of mind, this can really help when it comes to dealing with those early cravings for alcohol. Glutamine is an amino acid that occurs organically in the body. Typically, during the early phases of treatment and while detoxing from alcohol, lab work will help measure how your body is responding to treatment and healing. A balanced diet will slowly be reintroduced to meet nutrient needs.

Deficiencies cause depression, fatigue, muscle weakness, and many other problems. Increase your intake with recommended supplements and whole foods such as chickpeas for B6, clams or salmon for B12, beans or nuts for B1, and milk or lamb for B2.

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Alcohol offers no proteins, minerals, or vitamins, and actually blocks the absorption of vitamin A, thiamine , vitamin B6 , vitamin B12, folic acid , and zinc. L-Glutamine – Deficiency causes dizziness and irritability as well as a shaky, weak feeling.

Whatever the body doesn’t use in this process is flushed out of the system. The positive effects that vitamin C has during meth detox and meth addiction treatment just go to show just how vital vitamins for addiction recovery and vitamins for withdrawal are. Findings of a small open study that enrolled 13 healthy males suggest that taking vitamin C before drinking may increase the rate at which alcohol is cleared from the blood. Taking 2 grams of vitamin C one hour before alcohol consumption increases the rate at which alcohol is cleared from the blood, and may reduce acute toxic effects on the liver . This significance of this finding is limited by small study size and the absence of blinding and a control group. There are two main reasons that addictions result in nutritional deficiencies. One is that people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol tend to lose their appetite for normal food.


Once the symptoms are recognized as a hypoglycemic response appropriate measures are implemented by Dr. Gant and the Tully Hill staff. The vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients help to control blood sugar swings that lead to cravings for alcohol, cigarettes and foods high in sugar. Medical professionals recommend that recovering addicts receive prescriptions of vitamins and minerals as part of their detoxification and treatment. Vitamins and minerals can thus help strengthen weak bodies and restore health. The brain’s ability to process the essential amino acids tyrosine and tryptophan is compromised with alcohol use.

  • According to the research, it’s particularly helpful when it comes to withdrawal from nicotine and opioids .
  • Activation – An inability to flush used or unneeded substances from the body can lead to a buildup of enzymes in places like the pancreas.
  • The material on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider.
  • Medications are used to treat the symptoms of withdrawal, which can be severe.Detox vitamins may be used alongside medications, or on their own.
  • However, the calories in alcohol are a far cry from the nutrients the body requires to function.

For this reason, even people taking opiates legally under the advice of their doctor can become dependent. Vitamins for addiction withdrawal can help you on your road to recovery, as well as improve your health. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of Sober Recovery’s”Terms of Use”,”Privacy Policy”,”Cookie Policy”, and”Health Disclaimer”. The material on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider. Zandra Palma received her Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Harvard and her medical degree from Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons. Prior to studying functional medicine, she trained in internal medicine and anesthesiology. She has a special place in her heart for environmental medicine, and hopes to use what she’s learned in this area to shift human health on a large scale.

Addiction Info

L-Theanine, GABA, and 5-HTPAll three of these supplements may help alleviate depression and lethargy. In fact, 5-HTP alone can increase the natural amounts of serotonin in the body, which may help to get more restful sleep and lift mood and energy levels. Vitamin B12, however, isn’t the only vitamin that helps repair the body. Vitamin B5 helps in more ways, minimizing the impact of anxiety in the withdrawal process. Not only that but serotonin and norepinephrine are improved with vitamin B5. When people think of drug abuse, they typically think of a person acquiring the drugs illegally. While this may be the case in a plethora of circumstances, there is also the possibility of a person becoming addicted to prescription medication.

Opiate prescription medication, for example, is so strong that the brain has problems producing dopamine. Once this happens and the pleasure center has become compromised, it’s difficult to produce dopamine. This is because the brain cannot any longer produce neurotransmitters responsible for feelings like happiness and pleasure. Promotes fat metabolism N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine Pantethine Stimulates growth of healthy bacteria, and improved micro- villa integrity. Stimulates release of Acetylco-enzyme A, thereby reducing cholesterol & triglyceride levels in blood. FATTY ACIDS Gamma Linolenic Acid 1 series prostaglandin’s which have a lipolytic . Addressing the substances that must be kept out of the alcoholic’s body .

Vitamin Therapy During Addiction Recovery

Calls to numbers dedicated to a specific treatment center will be routed to that treatment center. Thiamine supplementation, with magnesium and folate, may also help to prevent a neurological condition known as Wernicke’s encephalopathy or Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Supplements can be restorative, and also serve as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of severe issues, such as seizures and delirium, developing during detox. Most commonly found in dairy products, dark leafy greens like kale and spinach, fortified cereals, and sardines, calcium is most widely known for making our bones stronger.

vitamins for recovering alcoholics

The main job of NAD+ in the body is in the cellular production of energy, but it’s also an important cofactor in the detoxification pathway of alcohol. This was in the top 3 alcohol withdrawal vitamins I used when I dealt with my own problem drinking. It is so severe that it can’t be corrected with over the counter vitamins for alcoholics.

People who consume more than 12 drinks a week or 15 drinks a week are more likely to become alcoholic. Men are more likely than women to be alcoholic, as are people who start drinking before age 16. Our clinicians specialize in functional medicine and get to the root cause of your chronic health issues so you can finally feel better. Trying to change your habits around alcohol with medicines or supplements alone won’t be possible. Mindfulness is just as relevant to this process, which is a muscle that takes time to flex. Try to put a plan in place for a small amount of daily meditation .

Mental Health

Many times these are the substances that an alcoholic consume daily to the exclusion of everything else, and why so much emphasis is placed on removing these toxins from the body at Tully Hill. In order to understand how the above mentioned physical symptoms develop it is important that you understand a little about glucose metabolism in the body. Our bodies immediately convert foods high in refined sugar, white flour or starch to blood sugar or glucose. As the blood sugar levels rises above normal levels, the pancreas pumps out extra insulin to meet the overload and to clear the excess of blood sugar. AA cofounder Bill Wilson found a link between alcoholism and hypoglycemia which he discussed in the late 1960’s in his papers to AA physicians. Dozens of researchers have concluded that as many as 95% of all alcoholics are hypoglycemic. Alcohol destroys vital nutrients that control mental function, preventing depression, and maintaining physical health.

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N-acetyl-cysteine is a modified form of the amino acid cysteine. Thirty subjects with methadone dependence were given 2 grams of ALCAR daily during a 3-week detoxification period, and it reduced their pain and the length of their withdrawal . In one study, alcoholic patients treated with ALCAR stayed sober for longer because it reduced their cravings . It has neuroprotective and cognitive-enhancing effects, and as I’ve discussed before, it can support your mitochondria, protect your brain from alcohol, and help you overcome brain fog. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an acetylated form of the amino acid carnitine.

It can also strip the body of vitamins and nutrients that are ingested. This is why, at Safe Harbor Recovery Center in Portsmouth, Virginia, we place a high degree of emphasis on proper nutrition during recovery. There are also so-called banana bags or rally packs — souped-up IV drips — sometimes administered to people with chronic alcohol use disorders. Medical providers sometimes give these drips to clients with Wernicke’s encephalopathy, which affects 12.5 percent of alcoholics, according to some data. Dehydration makes it difficult to produce enough saliva to aid in the breakdown of foods. Dehydration can also damage your organs, muscles, liver, and joints. Be sure to drink plenty of clean water during your recovery.